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Welcome to the underground


map-iconExplore the city

Connect your wallet to immerse yourself in the SubwayRat universe. Participate in games and events using the interactive subway system.

Your NFT is dynamic and will change accordingly to reflect your rat's current location on the map. As we expand in future collections, more cities and features will become available.

Play & Competecoin-icon

As a SubwayRat NFT owner you gain access to exclusive live games and events. Compete against other rats for exciting rewards!

Our first game is called Off The Rails. Play as a train in NYC's central park and fight to be the last train standing!


land-iconDigital Land

Stations and landmarks are utility NFTs.

Owners can host games for prizes and get rewarded when a SubwayRat visits a station they own on the map!

Buy and sell these utility NFTs on marketplaces like Opensea.


When was the mint?

Our official free mint release date was 7/31 2022.

How much does it cost to travel?

The price of moving a rat costs a flat fee of 0.001 ETH. This price can be adjusted a community vote at city hall.

It will NOT be necessary to move your rat to compete in Official SubwayRat hosted games.

How can I get a Station / Landmark?

Many of the remaining stations and landmarks held by our team will go up for auction during live events on our map.

Support a classroom

Build a future

Teachers and students need your support more than ever.
SubwayRats will be donating to low-income schools and youth programs across America.

  1. PHASE 1
    • Design 10,000 SubwayRats
    • Code Website and Subway Map
    • Design 130+ Unique Stations and Landmarks
    • Code Smart Contracts
    • Launch Website, Discord and Social Media
  2. PHASE 2
    • Develop SR Community and Whitelist Benefits
    • Public Launch of NYC SubwayRats Collection
    • Exclusive Airdrops of 20 Subway Stations for Holders
    • Access Traveling and Dynamic Backgrounds
  3. PHASE 3
    • Develop first SubwayRats Game
    • Beta Testing Game
    • Full Launch of Game
    • Marketing Campaign
  4. PHASE 4
    • Allow Station Owners to Host Games on their Land
    • Establish Self-Sufficient Ecosystem for Rats & Station Owners
    • Auctions for Utility NFTs (Stations and Landmarks)
  5. Phase 5
    • Recruitment of Talent for Further Development
    • SubwayRats Foundation Donations to Low-Income Schools


  • Position: Social Media & Marketing DirectorTWITTER | INSTAGRAM | YOUTUBE | DISCORD
  • Position: Full Stack Software Engineer Javascript | HTML5 | CSS3 | NODE.JS | SOLIDITY
  • Position: Pixel Art & Animation DesignerAESPRITE | PHOTOSHOP | DAVINCI RESOLVE
  • Position: Lead Game Developer JAVASCRIPT | RUST | NODE.JS

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